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Our ethos at Rebel Chocolate is simple – reject the norm through innovative thinking – maximise the good and minimise the bad. Rebel Chocolate is high protein healthier lactose-free chocolate that tastes awesome!

We are rebelling against the chocolate norm! First of all, we have removed the excess sugar found in most milk chocolate. Secondly, we have replaced it with some of the best cocoa in the world and highly pure whey protein. The result is high protein healthier chocolate that most importantly tastes amazing! Our delicious milk chocolate contains 57% cocoa, has less than half the sugar content of “standard” milk chocolate and furthermore contains a whopping 25% protein! If that wasn’t enough, our milk chocolate is also lactose free – the only lactose-free milk chocolate made in the UK. Find out more about our lactose-free REAL milk chocolate. 

Finally, our high protein healthier chocolate is handmade in small batches using the traditional method of stone on stone grinders. The ingredients are blended together in the grinder for at least 72 hours, in a process called refining. What’s more, the magic all happens in the wonderful city of Glasgow.

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Rebel Chocolate high protein healthier chocolate


Rebel Chocolate – High Protein Healthier Chocolate

Less sugar! More cocoa! Lactose free! 25% protein!

Minimising the bad, maximising the good!

Get a little REBEL in ya!

             Award winning rebel chocolate

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