2017 – what a year it’s been for Rebel Chocolate


Rebel ChocolateAs 2017 draws to a close, we find ourselves looking back on what has been a truly remarkable year for Rebel Chocolate.

The Dream

Some of you will know that this has been Rebel Chocolate’s first year of trading. We started the year hoping to turn our dream of making our healthier, but truly amazing-tasting chocolate, into a reality. This began by moving our chocolate production from our humble kitchen into our beloved shipping container at the Glasgow Collective. This was accompanied with a few stressful moments, one of which involved an expensive machine ‘falling over’ in the delivery truck and needing to be replaced. However, we soon settled in and love being part of this amazing workspace.

Trading Debut in Glasgow

We made our trading debut at the Merchant City Market in March, which means Rebel Chocolate has only been trading for around 9 months. And what a 9 months it has been! We are learning everything on the job, so needless to say we have learned a lot. There have many ‘ups’ and we’ve certainly experienced a few ‘downs’, and to use a cliché – it certainly has been a journey.

The Ups

Our ups have included attending many wonderful events and meeting so many lovely customers and traders. There are too many to mention, but some of our highlights included the Glasgow Coffee Festival, the Perth Chocolate & Gin festival and the Scottish Fitness and Nutrition Expo. It’s also been fantastic to have a growing list of stockists, mainly in Glasgow, who sell our range of chocolate. An aim for 2018 is to increase our stockists across Scotland so that not just Glaswegian’s are benefiting from our delicious healthier chocolate.

It’s been very flattering to have the amount of media attention we have received this year. From news paper articles, to featuring on Glasgow Live, STV2 and also appearing on the BBC Scotland Kay Adams show, we have been hugely fortunate to have been seen as a news worthy story.

The Downs

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for us in 2017. Our machines have given us a few headaches and sent our pulses racing. From wheels jamming to critical parts breaking, there have certainly been some challenging moments. Most recently it was the Scottish weather that challenged us with a burst water pipe in our workshop. But, we are still here and we are still making our great chocolate. Onwards and upwards!

Looking Forward

We look forward to 2018 with (nervous) excitement. January is starting to look like a busy month with us attending our first ever trade show. We will also be trading in Edinburgh for the first time at the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival. 2017 has given us the business confidence to look at 2018 as a year for expansion. We aim to increase production significantly over the next 12 months and hope to bring you some new products. So keep a wee look out for our distinctive wrappers, they will be popping up more and more frequently.

The Best Bits

Having the chocolate expert Sophie Latinas from the Pittenweem Chocolate shop say our Madagascan chocolate is her favourite is huge praise indeed. However, absolutely without question, the best bits of 2017 has been hearing positive feedback from our customers and having you come back for more.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

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