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High protein healthier chocolate – how it all began…..

Immunologist to chocolate maker is probably not the most “normal” career path. But life is full of interesting turns and now I find myself using my scientific knowledge to make chocolate. However this is no ordinary chocolate!  First of all it tastes amazing, but most importantly, it is chocolate with an improved nutritional profile.

Why you may ask?

Cocoa contains some really interesting substances, such as flavanols. The flavanols in cocoa are being actively researched for their capacity to reduce cardiovascular disease and improve brain function, to name a few potential benefits. However, I believe that the very high levels of sugar found in the majority of milk chocolate most likely outweighs any of the potential health-promoting properties of cocoa.

Healthier milk chocolate

So, I set out to “reformulate” milk chocolate aiming to firstly minimise the bad – that’s the excessive sugar. And secondly, maximise the good – that’s the cocoa (and very high quality cocoa too I must say). Our milk chocolate contains a whopping 57% cocoa, which is pretty high for a milk chocolate.

The overarching objective of Rebel Chocolate is to make chocolate that tastes amazing. But with some innovative thinking and lots of experimentation, we believe the chocolate we make is truly a “healthier” (please note the “ier”) chocolate choice.

As well as using a high percentage of cocoa in our milk chocolates, we further improve the nutritional profile by enriching the chocolate with lactose-free whey protein isolated from milk. We also use lactose-free whole milk powder, so we have managed to make smooth, rich and creamy real milk chocolate that is actually lactose free! This means that not only is our chocolate a “healthier” choice for everyone due to its reduced sugar and increased protein content, it can also be enjoyed by those poor lactose intolerant people who cannot normally eat milk chocolate.

Traditional methods of chocolate making

Although we are using modern nutritional knowledge and a little science for the formulation of our chocolate, we actually make it in an old fashioned way. Using stone on stone grinders, the ingredients blend together for 72 hours, in a process called refining and conching. The result is rich, smooth and delicious high protein healthier chocolate made with some of the world’s best cocoa. What’s more, it is maybe the only lactose-free milk chocolate on the market?

Yip, this is what Rebel Chocolate is about…

  • Less sugar
  • More cocoa
  • Lactose and palm oil free
  • 25% protein

Minimising the bad, maximising the good! 

Neil Robson wearing lab coat, blue gloves, orange hair net and ear defenders sprinkling cocoa nibs
Picture by Julie Howden


I hope you enjoy Rebel Chocolate

Neil Robson (PhD)
Founder: Rebel Chocolate

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