The healthiest chocolate ever? Matcha Green Tea Chocolate

Antioxidant packed and vividly green! Our Matcha Japanese Green Tea chocolate is a stunner! With three servings of Matcha per bar, 20% protein and 40% less sugar, can chocolate get any healthier? Rebel Chocolate, in collaboration with Tempo Tea Bar, has come up with yet another spectacularly tasty, and totally unique chocolate bar. And as […]

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Plastic Free Chocolate

Looking after our environment is a hot topic and something that is very important to us here at Rebel Chocolate. Here is an overview of the steps we are taking to ensure an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to what we do. Every bar of our awesome chocolate is first hand-wrapped in a sheet of […]

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100% Plant-based Chocolate

What is our 100% Plant-based Chocolate? An amazing tasting, 100% plant-based, high-protein chocolate bar made with the finest Single Origin Colombian cocoa, that’s what! Made with just 3 ingredients (cocoa, peanuts and coconut sugar) It contains 70% cocoa, 20% protein and just 22% sugar – awesome! It is free from diary, gluten, soya, palm oil […]

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Protein Chocolate, anyone?

Why? Why in the world would we add whey protein to our chocolate? Sugar that’s why! What is this guy on I hear you saying? I can hear my dad saying “are you on the wacky backy……?” Sugar content Let me explain. Most milk chocolate on the market contains a frightening 50 – 60% sugar. […]

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Rebel Chocolate Events in April & May

Spring is in the air and we hope to see you at one or two of our fantastic Rebel Chocolate events in April or May! Rebel Chocolate Events in April 13th – 14th April – Bowhouse Food Market A celebration of food and drink with the best local growers, producers, makers and street food vendors. […]

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What are people saying about Rebel Chocolate?

Rebel Chocolate Reviews If you’ve not tried our awesome chocolate yet, then you might want to know what other people are saying about it. So we’ve included a snapshot of Rebel Chocolate reviews below and you can see more here. Can you help us? It’s extremely important for us to know what you think about […]

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Celebrating World Chocolate Day with Chocolate Facts and Extended Special Offers

We are fast approaching what has to be the BEST day of the year – World Chocolate Day takes place on Saturday July 7th! So we are celebrating this wonderful day by extending our fantastic special offers and bringing you some chocolate facts. Chocolate Facts Chocolate currency – in Mayan times, cocoa beans were used […]

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Rebel Chocolate in an epic Taste Off with the Big Guns

The lovely people from Innis & Gunn got in touch in April to see if we would be interested in collaborating with them in an epic taste off between them, Auchentoshan whisky and us (the minnows of the group!). We didn’t have to think about it for too long – of course, we would love […]

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Award winning Rebel Chocolate!

We were absolutely shocked and delighted to win the Innovation award at the Scottish SME Business Award 2018! We’re not sure who nominated us, but we would like to say a massive thank you to them and to all our customers and supporters who have made this possible. We have been trading for just over a year, […]

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Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s a grey Sunday afternoon – what could brighten things up? Why a chocolate chip cookie of course! But don’t settle for any old chocolate chip cookie, why not make one of our delicious, healthier chocolate chip cookies? Our delicious healthier chocolate is perfect for cooking with and can help make those naughty treats we […]

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It’s all go for healthier chocolate in 2018!

The time thieves have been at it again – where did January go? Well, it certainly hasn’t been a slow start to 2018. But as a young company, we wouldn’t want it any other way. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positivity towards our healthier chocolate! Healthier white chocolate We started January off by restocking all varieties […]

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2017 – what a year it’s been for Rebel Chocolate

As 2017 draws to a close, we find ourselves looking back on what has been a truly remarkable year for Rebel Chocolate. The Dream Some of you will know that this has been Rebel Chocolate’s first year of trading. We started the year hoping to turn our dream of making our healthier, but truly amazing-tasting […]

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Where can you buy Rebel Chocolate for Christmas?

Lots of people are asking us where they can buy Rebel Chocolate for Christmas this year. So we’ve been really busy stocking up after a few busy events and we’ve signed up for a few markets in December. Buy Rebel Chocolate for Christmas You can catch Rebel Chocolate for Christmas presents and stocking fillers at […]

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What’s the main ingredient in your favourite chocolate bar?

If you are looking at a bar of Rebel Chocolate you will see that the first ingredient is cocoa. Not sugar, not cocoa butter, not milk! Why is this important? Ingredients must be listed with the most abundant ingredient coming first and the remaining ingredients then listed in descending order. So this means the most abundant […]

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Have a Healthier Halloween with Rebel Chocolate

How much sugar is consumed at Halloween? Well, we couldn’t find much information relating to the UK. Also, there seems to be a lack of rigorous scientific studies. However, we did find some information from the US. This article from Fortune suggests the average trick-or-treating child will consume around 3 cups of sugar on Halloween. […]

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Rebel Chocolate in the news!

It’s been a busy time for us at Rebel Chocolate. Our founder, Dr Neil Robson, has been attracting quite a bit of media interest. It all started when Glasgow Live posted an article about the Glasgow scientists making healthier chocolate in September 2017. The Herald then snapped up our story and published an article about the Rebel Scientists […]

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What is lactose and why is our chocolate lactose free?

What is lactose? Lactose is a sugar. A disaccharide sugar to be more specific – “di” simply means two, and “saccharide” means sugar. So the linking of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of galactose creates the disaccharide lactose. The main sugar found in milk and dairy products is lactose. When you drink milk an […]

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Brighten up your summer with 15% off in our summer sale this weekend

Glasgow, and the whole of the UK for that matter is certainly not known for its weather. So, here at Rebel Chocolate, we have decided to brighten up your summer with 15% off everything on our website this weekend. That’s right – 15% off everything in our summer sale! Summer Sale Coupon Code To take advantage […]

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New Stockists

Okay, so we’ve been really busy appearing at different markets in and around Glasgow. But we have also been increasing the number of shops that stock our delicious, high protein healthier chocolate! Interest has been huge and we are delighted to be working with all these amazing shops. New Rebel Chocolate Stockists Decadent Riot – 1103 Argyle […]

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The thinking behind healthier chocolate – Part 2

In the first part of this blog, Dr Neil Robson, founder of Rebel Chocolate, explained how he has improved the nutritional profile of chocolate. This was by removing the excess sugar and using lots of really high-quality cocoa. Neil goes on to explain how he has further improved the nutritional profile by using protein. “The […]

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