Celebrating World Chocolate Day with Chocolate Facts and Extended Special Offers


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We are fast approaching what has to be the BEST day of the year – World Chocolate Day takes place on Saturday July 7th! So we are celebrating this wonderful day by extending our fantastic special offers and bringing you some chocolate facts.

Chocolate Facts

Chocolate currency – in Mayan times, cocoa beans were used to trade for food, clothing and tobacco. And it’s thought that the loss of cocoa may have contributed to the demise of this civilisation. I wonder if that’s why you get chocolate coins at Christmas time? Find out more here.

Relaxation – the smell of chocolate calms you down! Apparently, it’s all to do with ‘theta’ brain waves which are associated with attentiveness. So if you are feeling stressed out and need a fix of your favourite Rebel Chocolate, try taking some time out to smell it first!

Cough Remedy – theobromine is a compound found in cocoa and has some similar properties to caffeine. It has been shown to be effective at relieving persistent coughs – as if we needed an excuse to eat chocolate!

Chocolate Stamps – the Belgian’s love their chocolate so much that they made chocolate stamps. In 2013 they created a special set of stamps that both smelled and tasted like chocolate to celebrate the wonderful brown stuff!

Special Offers

We’ve got lots more interesting chocolate facts that we will be bringing to you in future blogs. In the meantime, celebrate world chocolate day with our special offers:

Happy World Chocolate Day from Rebel Chocolate!

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