Chocolate and healthy eating


6 different bars of Rebel Chocolate - Peanut, Matcha, While, Belgian, Colombian, MadagascanChocolate and healthy eating – is it possible? Well, we think so. Here’s how chocolate can be part of your healthy eating plan.

Let’s get one thing straight. At Rebel Chocolate we believe no food should be off-limits. But we can’t deny that some of our favourite foods are very high in sugar and not so high in nutritional value.

Most Chocolate

Did you know that most milk chocolate contains between 50-60% sugar? I know – crazy right?! But does it have to contain so much? Well, when you consider that cocoa costs ten times more than sugar, it’s now not so surprising. Sugar can also be used to mask undesirable flavours in poor quality cocoa.

We believe the high levels of sugar found in a lot of chocolate is unnecessary. So we’ve used our passion for the mighty cocoa bean and scientific expertise to reformulate chocolate.

Our Chocolate

In our chocolate you will find:

  • 50% less sugar compared to average chocolate
  • Lots of high-quality cocoa
  • Positive nutrition with high protein & fibre content
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Free from gluten, lactose and palm oil

And our customers couldn’t be happier, have a look at some of our reviews.

So what’s stopping you? Chocolate and healthy eating are not mutually exclusive. Make our healthier chocolate part of your healthy eating plan. Check out our full range here.

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