What’s the main ingredient in your favourite chocolate bar?


If you are looking at a bar of Rebel Chocolate you will see that the first ingredient is cocoa. Not sugar, not cocoa butter, not milk!

Why is this important?

Ingredients must be listed with the most abundant ingredient coming first and the remaining ingredients then listed in descending order. So this means the most abundant ing
redient in our amazing milk chocolate is cocoa – plain and simple! Whats more, we use some of the best cocoa in the world, and lots of it, so that’s why our delicious milk chocolate tastes so good.

Cocoa? Sugar? Milk?cocoa

You may notice that the first ingredient in the major producer’s milk chocolate is sugar or milk.

But why would the main ingredient in chocolate be sugar or milk, and not cocoa? We can’t say for sure, but it may have something to do with price. Sugar just happens to be a tenth of the cost of cocoa.

Oils and Fats

One ingredient that you will never, ever find in Rebel Chocolate is palm oil. You will however find palm oil in chocolate produced by many of the mainstream producers. It is a cheap oil alternative and is used in many different foods. When used in chocolate it makes the chocolate melt more quickly and gives the sensation that the chocolate is smoother.

We are so used to chocolate being this way that some people eat our chocolate and are a little confused as to why it does not melt quickly. Cocoa butter takes a little time to melt even at 37°. Try holding a piece of Rebel Chocolate in your mouth for 30 seconds before eating so that all the great flavours are released.

Palm oil production is also posing an increasing threat to the environment and wildlife – find out more about this from WWF.

And finally, there is no vanilla in our chocolate either. Don’t get us wrong, we love vanilla. However, with our chocolate, we let the quality of the cocoa do the talking!

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