Functional Chocolate


So, what is a functional food and functional chocolate?

The British Nutrition Foundation states:
“Functional foods deliver additional or enhanced benefits over and above their basic nutritional value.”

So at Rebel Chocolate, we have created “functional chocolate” by adding ingredients into our chocolate which are nutritionally beneficial.

Where did we start? We started by removing sugar. By removing 50% of the sugar normally found in milk and white chocolate this gave us the room to add more functional ingredients.

Our Functional Ingredients:

  1. More cocoa – Cocoa is a great source of polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants, and there is a very good argument that eating a diet rich in antioxidants is beneficial to health.
  2. Protein – We add whey protein from milk, or in our dairy-free chocolate, we add protein-rich peanut flour. Proteins are made up of amino acids. Our bodies break down the proteins we eat so they can use these amino acids to build new proteins. These new proteins range from tissues in the body to enzymes in the gut. An important point: Research is showing very clearly that we should be eating more protein as we age. Historically it was thought younger active people needed the most protein. We are learning now that to age more healthily, we need to increase our protein consumption as the years go by!
  3. “Matcha” – or Japanese Green Tea, is extremely rich in antioxidants. Unlike steeping green tea for a hot drink, with Matcha you eat the tea itself. This means one portion of Matcha contains more than 10 times the level of antioxidants than a cup of brewed green tea. Even better, one of our 90g bars of Matcha chocolate contains 3 portions of Matcha. That’s more than 30 cups of green tea in every bar!

Finally: Functional is well and good, but there is no point making functional chocolate unless it tastes great! So at Rebel Chocolate, above everything else, taste reigns supreme! If it doesn’t taste great, then we won’t be making it!

Get your hands on some of our awesome functional chocolate here!

4 large bars of Rebel Chocolate

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