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Well, why not check out the I.D. Pop-up Department Store? It promises to be a unique cultural and shopping experience and is also Glasgow’s first independent pop-up department store. The organisers (the Lighthouse and Granny Would Be Proud) are describing the event as:

“6 Floors of absolute beauty within this historical and well designed building. 6 floors of vision to create the alternative to high street shopping. 6 floors of brilliant people bringing the things they are passionate about making, crafting and collecting.”

Rebel Chocolate at the I.D. Pop-up Department Store

Granny Would Be Proud
I.D. Pop-up Department Store

We will be there with our Belgian, Madagascan and Colombian delicious milk chocolate. So why not drop by to say hello and sample our awesome chocolate?

The I.D. Pop-up Department Store is taking place on the 15th and 16th of July in the Lighthouse, Glasgow. More information is available from the Granny Would Be Proud Facebook page.

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