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Healthier halloweenHow much sugar is consumed at Halloween? Well, we couldn’t find much information relating to the UK. Also, there seems to be a lack of rigorous scientific studies. However, we did find some information from the US. This article from Fortune suggests the average trick-or-treating child will consume around 3 cups of sugar on Halloween. For us in the UK, that’s 675 grams of sugar, or almost 169 standard sugar cubes! That mountain of sugar comes in at about 7,000 calories – that’s pretty shocking if you ask us!

Healthier Chocolate

At Rebel Chocolate, we believe you can enjoy delicious treats AND have a healthier Halloween. Our awesome lactose-free milk chocolate has 50% less sugar, more cocoa & 25% protein! We use some of the best cocoa in the world so it tastes amazing.

However, as with everything else, you should eat Rebel Chocolate in moderation. It is definitely a healthier chocolate, but it is not ‘healthy chocolate’. In fact, we are still waiting to be convinced that a truly ‘healthy chocolate’ exists.

To help you have a healthier Halloween, we have applied a 15% discount to everything on our website. This great offer is available until 31st October 2017 and our full range is available to buy HERE.

Happy Halloween!!

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