Our vote is for quality over quantity


Lockdown EatinBelgian, Colombian, Madagascan Milk Chocolate Barsg

Have visits to the treat cupboard become more and more frequent? Additional stress and anxiety mixed in with a touch of boredom are the obvious trigger factors. Unfortunately ‘treats’ and ‘nutritional value’ are seldomly associated together.

But at Rebel Chocolate this is not the case. Yes, it is still chocolate, so we are not recommending you go crazy and eat tons of it. However, you can eat our chocolate with the assurance that it is made with some of the best cocoa in the world. It also contains around 50% less sugar than the chocolate that you find in the supermarket.

Put this together with Rebel Chocolate containing 20 – 25% protein, and being free from lactose, gluten and palm oil, then you know you are onto a winner. Healthier chocolate made without compromise. Quality over quantity.

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2 thoughts on “Our vote is for quality over quantity

  1. I love this chocolate use it in cooking, the white chocolate is not as sweet as the chocolate you can buy normally, in fact, I thought I would ever say this about white chocolate but prefer it.
    The green chocolate is really nice to. Peanut butter is nice but, have to be in the mood. thank you

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