Pandemics and Chocolate


Our Co-Founder and Chocolate maker, Neil Robson, shares some of his thoughts on the COVID-19 Pandemic.


These are difficult times, and times which unfortunately are going to become more challenging. Nevertheless, I count myself extremely lucky. The current COVID-19 pandemic has left us in the Western World reeling. However, it has made me think more deeply about the millions of people in areas of the world who face life-threatening viruses (and bacteria and parasites) on an almost daily basis.


As a chocolate maker, I rely on having cocoa delivered to our chocolate factory. But I am not blind to where this cocoa comes from. For the Western World to have chocolate, we are reliant on people from West Africa, Madagascar, Colombia and South America (to name a few) who grow this crop. Each of these cocoa-growing regions is constantly challenged by a wide-range of life-threatening infectious diseases.

Message of thanks

I was not meaning to make this blog seem doom and gloom, but I fear it may come across that way. Instead my message is one of recognition, and one of thanks. I love chocolate. I feel blessed that I can still, literally, reach for a piece of chocolate whenever I feel like enjoying that unique taste sensation. So I raise a square to say thank you to all the cocoa growers who share with us something truly special. Thank you.

And we would like to say thank you to all our loyal Rebel Chocolate customers. We have reduced the price of all of our chocolate by 20% for the duration of the pandemic associated lockdown. Check out the full range here

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2 thoughts on “Pandemics and Chocolate

  1. And thanks to you Rebel Chocolate, for producing your delicious chocolate. A little treat to look forward to in these uncertain times x

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