Our awesome milk chocolate has less sugar, more cocoa, is lactose free, and contains a whopping 25% protein. Get a little REBEL in ya!

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Less sugar, more cocoa


Hands up who doesn’t like Belgian milk chocolate? I can’t see many hands!

We love it too! Therefore, in honour of our Belgian friends, we have created our fabulous Belgian milk chocolate using cocoa sourced from one of Belgian’s leading chocolate producers.

No messing about here. If you like big, bold and rich cocoa flavours in your chocolate then this one is for you!

To make this wonderful chocolate we use “Fino de Aroma” cocoa from the Huila region of Colombia.


What can we say about our Madagascan milk chocolate? We love it, love it, love it!

Honestly and truly, of all the chocolate I have tasted, it is chocolate made with this Madagascan cocoa that I will be asking for if it were to be my last piece of chocolate.

White Chocolate 44% Cocoa

White chocolate anyone? Too sweet I hear you say? Well not anymore! Our amazing white chocolate is creamy and buttery but contains nearly half the sugar content of supermarket brands.

Do you like rich and powerful cocoa flavours in your chocolate? Do you like peanuts? If yes to both then our Peanut Power Chocolate is the bar for you! Single Origin Colombian cocoa blended with peanuts until super smooth and luscious.

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Is this the healthiest chocolate ever? Three servings of Matcha per bar! 20% protein! 40% less sugar! Antioxidant packed and vividly green Rebel Chocolate’s Matcha Japanese Green Tea chocolate is a stunner!


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