Protein Chocolate, anyone?

Neil holding huge disc of protein chocolateWhy?

Why in the world would we add whey protein to our chocolate? Sugar that’s why! What is this guy on I hear you saying? I can hear my dad saying “are you on the wacky backy……?”

Sugar content

Let me explain. Most milk chocolate on the market contains a frightening 50 – 60% sugar. We think this is horrendous so we set out to make a change. And make a change we did, and a pretty big one at that. Our milk chocolate does not contain 50% sugar, or 40%, and not even 30%, it contains just 27% sugar (that’s less than Green and Blacks 70% dark chocolate!).

This actually turned out to be a remarkably easy thing to accomplish; we just didn’t add so much sugar in the first place! The “problem” though is this left a “hole” in our chocolate (figuratively, not literally, or is that literally, not figuratively, I have even confused myself here). Anyway, to fill this “hole” we could have added cocoa, but this would mean we were making something akin to dark chocolate, and this was not the brief. So we decided to add something of nutritional value.

Nutritional Protein Chocolate

“Nutritional value”, not two words you typically see associated with milk chocolate that’s for sure! Something of nutritional value to us ended up meaning the addition of whey protein from milk. This resulted in amazing milk chocolate that contains a very impressive 25% protein (Cadbury’s Dairy Milk contains an unimpressive 7%, along with 56% sugar – see nutritional info).

So, this (not so brief) blog is about why we add whey protein to our chocolate, but keep an eye out for our next instalment which will go into a little bit of detail about what proteins are and why we need to eat them. Watch this space……….

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