Colombian Single Origin Milk Chocolate


Cocoa beans

One of our goals at Rebel Chocolate is to highlight the diversity of flavours from cocoa grown in different regions of the world. So we are going to start this process by taking a closer look at our Colombian Single Origin Milk Chocolate. It’s not your typical supermarket variety, that’s for sure.

Fino de Aroma Cocoa

Without a doubt, the most important ingredient in a chocolate bar should be the cocoa itself. We firmly believe this so for our Colombian Single Origin Milk Chocolate we use cocoa which is classified as ‘Fino de Aroma‘. This translates to “Fine flavour and aroma”.

High Quality Cocoa

You bet. Fino de Aroma is a cocoa classification. What’s more, only 8% of the worlds cocoa beans are of high enough quality to fall into this top tier.

Cocoa with Distinct Origins

Yip. We use “Single Origin” cocoa to make this intense chocolate. Single Origin simply means that the cocoa is grown in a specific region. In the case of our Colombian Single Origin Milk Chocolate, the cocoa is grown in the Huila region. Did you know regions are called “Departments” in Colombia? The Department of Huila is located in the South West of Colombia.

Distinct Flavour profiles

The cocoa from Huila is incredibly bold, rich and intense. Many first-timers mistake this chocolate for dark chocolate because its colour is so dark and intense. When we make chocolate we really want you to taste the cocoa. So to make sure of this we use plenty of it, 57% to be precise. If you like really rich and bold cocoa flavours in your chocolate, then this Colombian Single Origin bar is for you.

What do you think about our Colombian Single Origin Milk Chocolate?

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