The healthiest chocolate ever? Matcha Green Tea Chocolate


Large Bar of Match Green Tea Rebel ChocolateAntioxidant packed and vividly green!

Our Matcha Japanese Green Tea chocolate is a stunner! With three servings of Matcha per bar, 20% protein and 40% less sugar, can chocolate get any healthier?

Rebel Chocolate, in collaboration with Tempo Tea Bar, has come up with yet another spectacularly tasty, and totally unique chocolate bar. And as with all Rebel Chocolate’s chocolate, it is free from lactose, gluten and palm oil! What a winning combination!


For this latest release it is antioxidant bursting Matcha Japanese Green Tea which takes centre stage. Neil Robson, co-owner of Rebel Chocolate explains further. “We are all about the marriage of great taste and innovation. So when Liam and his team from Tempo Tea Bar came to us with the idea of incorporating Matcha into our white chocolate I was intrigued. I knew Green Tea was a good source of antioxidants, but when I discovered Matcha contains more than 10 times the amount of antioxidants compared to standard  Green Tea, this really got my attention.”

With a background in the biological sciences, Neil already had a pretty good grasp of the importance of eating plenty of different food types that are naturally high in antioxidants. The immerging idea sees high quality Matcha added to a “tweaked” version of Rebel Chocolate’s high protein and delicious white chocolate.

Where to buy?

If you want to try an amazing taste sensation then grab a bar from Tempo Tea Bar (either in Glasgow or Edinburgh) or pick up a bar from our website.

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