What is cocoa?


What is cocoa? Cocoa beans being transferred from bag into bowl by handDid you know that ‘cocoa beans’ are actually seeds, and not ‘beans’ at all? To be precise, they are the seeds of the Theobroma Cacao tree fruit. The pod-shaped fruit is botanically classified as berry-like. Each pod produces approximately 35 – 50 seeds surrounded by a sweet pulp. Find out more here.

So….. does that mean chocolate is actually a fruit? Eating your 5-a-day now seems so much easier, right?

Unfortunately – it’s not that simple!

Most ‘chocolate’, especially Milk Chocolate, actually contains very little cocoa. You are more likely to find lots of sugar, palm oil, and other flavours and additives.

But at Rebel Chocolate we like to do things differently. We use loads of high quality cocoa to create great tasting chocolate with much less of the ‘unhealthy’ stuff. We like sticking to our roots! Our chocolate may not be considered fruit, but our ‘healthier’ chocolate options put other chocolate brands to shame.

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