Where Cocoa Beans Grow


Do you know where the cocoa beans grow that are used to make your favourite bar of chocolate?

Around 80% of the world’s cocoa is grown in just 10 countries. The largest producers are the West African nations of the Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Cocoa does however grow in more than fifty countries worldwide, with some of the highest quality originating from Madagascar and Colombia (two Single Origin cocoas we just happen to use at Rebel Chocolate).. You can find out more here.

Cocoa trees also only grow in very specific climates. These are typically humid environments located within 25 degrees of the equator.

And did you know that cocoa does not grow in Europe at all, with the one exception of Spain’s Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa.

When it comes to chocolate manufacturing however, most of this takes place in Europe and North America.

This does make you think about the term “Belgian Chocolate” doesn’t it.

So now you know where cocoa beans grow, where is your favourite cocoa grown?

A snippet of the world showing where cocoa beans grow highlighting West Africa, Colombia and Madagascar

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